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Benchmark Services has the capability of performing high velocity lube oil system flushes from 40 gpm to 5600 gpm, while working with a controlled temperature up to 185° Fahrenheit. All equipment is wired 50/60 cycles, 480 volts in order to meet both US and International standards.

What is an Oil Flush? 

After setting the system up for a high velocity flush by removing all restrictions to flow (using an external flush pump and filter) oil will be flushed through the lube oil system at approximately 3-6 times its normal flow rate.  This high volume of oil will remove scale and particulate from the piping and flush it back to the main oil reservoir where it will be filtered.  Thermal shocks to the system will greatly enhance the cleaning process.  The high velocity flush is for the purpose of cleaning the system.  Super clean oil is simply a by-product of that process that eliminates the need to replace the old turbine oil or the disposal of that oil there by saving thousands of dollars plus the peace of mind in knowing that you have a super clean system and super clean oil.

An ounce of prevention is worth tons in forced outage.

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