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Backup_200503_EditorBenchmark Services can provide on-site particle count, using a laser particle counter or a patch test utilizing closed vacuum system and 0.47 micron membrane filters. An oil analysis can be provided within 48 hours or less.

With the use of a portable lab provided by Benchmark Services, particle counts may be accomplished on site in a matter of minutes giving actual counts, 150 ISO, SAE, or NAS Class. All counts are based on particles per 100 ml, in various sizes. i.e. 5-10 micron, 10-25 micron, 25-50 micron, 50-100 micron & 100-250 micron. Oil analysis may be acquired within 48 hours or less. Samples may be pulled by customer or Benchmark technician. A minimum of 100 ml of oil will be required for analysis.

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