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Turbine Flows are great

I have to say that since I started using oil globe Benchmark Services a few years back I have never looked back. Prior to using them, I had regular problems with oil flow and since I use them, my oil flows much faster than before. All scale and particles are removed with no constrictions, which is something I rely on daily. My systems are as clean as can be!

Ronald McDowell director at mcdowels.com

Best Particle Counting in the Business

We use only oil globe’s benchmark services for our on-site particle count as they use laser particle counters. Their oil analysis takes less than forty-eight hours here I used to wait four days and longer. I also appreciate the fact that the oil counts they provide is accurate and given on actual counts bases per 100 ml regardless of size. The minimum volume of 100 ml is also of the lowest I have ever encountered and the most accurate apart from fastest.

Petar Kolin owner at kolins.com

Fastest Hydro blasters in the Business

We need hydro blasting to eliminate ant flaking and rust inside our piping and surfaces on a regular basis especially since we are in the food industry. We all know hydro blasting is a costly affair, but I found that since I have been using oil globe that I stay well within my budget. Speedy service, professionals that does the job and done within my budget, that is factors I love!

Sam Sheppard, owner at shepperds.com

Benchmark Services did the Job Professionally

When we needed our annual high velocity flushing recently we considered the company we usually use, but then someone suggested that we try oil globe for their excellent service, speed of service and great pricing. Oil flushing has never been a cheap operation, but this was the lowest price and best professional service we have yet received from anyone. I will definitely use them again in the future, as our system is super clean and our oil is super clean, which is a service we have to give our clients in return.

Posen Vettel, SEO at vettel.com

Happy with their Service

We needed oil cooler cleaning a few months back for a production plant, which we intend to incorporate into existing businesses of ours, which include Casino & Casinouzmani. As newcomers to that particular industry, we were apprehensive and unsure of whom to use when it was suggested that the particular heat exchanger cleaning was due. Someone in the industry suggested that we try oil globe for their EHC System Flushing, which we did and I am happy to say that it was the best quote we received and the professionalism and speedy service was recommendable.

Mahmut Poyraz, Managing Director atcasinouzmani77.net

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